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Welcome to Asbestos News.  We hope that our stories on recent developments and our library of information on asbestos diseases, their medical roots and their industrial history will be of some value to you.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on an asbestos or mesothelioma related matter; our consultation comes at no charge.

For seven years Asbestos News has provided breaking stories on asbestos diseases, asbestos lawsuits, and the legal services available to mesothelioma and asbestosis victims.  Over that period of time Asbestos News has also developed perhaps the most thorough information resource online about the history of asbestos in industrial and commercial use – information that is invaluable to asbestos victims trying to determine if their case of mesothelioma, asbestosis or asbestos lung cancer is work related.

• The Flood Legal Group LLC has sponsored Asbestos News as a needed resource for men and women who need to learn about the history of asbestos and the hundreds of thousands of lawsuits that have been filed over asbestos related disease.

• There is over fifty years of history for legal action against asbestos manufacturers and companies that used asbestos products in their factories, shipyards and other work facilities.

• The Flood Law Group has developed a nationwide network with expert attorneys in the field of asbestos law.  We work with the best attorneys in the field, some of whom may be members of other law firms.  We know the value of state-by-state expertise.

If you or a family member has developed mesothelioma or another asbestos related disease you have come to the right information resource.  Asbestos News will provide a complete review of the legal history involving industries that used asbestos and the people that worked for them.  We believe you have also found the most able and dedicated national legal resource for asbestos related lawsuits, the Flood Law Group LLC.

Our work may involve other law firms as needed but in all cases your right to privacy will be carefully respected.  Consult our statement on Legal and Ethical Requirements with regard to any specific guidelines for your state.  As with all lawsuits, there is a certain level of uncertainty regarding the outcome of the litigation; there is no guarantee that damage awards from past actions will be matched in new cases.  The legal landscape for asbestos lawsuits is changing constantly.

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